Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Present Day Miracle

     "So Jesus said to him, "unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe." John 4:48 ESV

      We all know that Jesus raised people from the dead, healed the sick, and performed countless other divine miracles. Have you ever thought: If only Jesus were still walking the Earth right now...then it would be all too easy for the suffering to be healed of their afflictions? I know that I have. Just a touch of His hand, reaching out for the edge of His garment, or a merciful prayer from His holiness brought about divine healing in that time. But what about 'Present Day' Miracles...Do they still exist? Some people are skeptic, not believing in healings and Present Day Miracles. They pray and pray...but feel there is no answer. The truth of the matter is that when we are in the midst of extreme circumstances, it is normal for us to want God to answer our prayers immediately. The reality is, however, our answer doesn't always come in the timeframe or manner we would like or expect. When we stay in faith, no matter how long it might take, God sees our pain and will bring us through what we are facing.
       I would like to share with you my own 'Present Day Miracle'. My story starts about a year after my firstborn son, Maurice, became permanently disabled from taking the Flu Shot. This was a very scary time. Every aspect of life as we knew it had been completely altered. Having witnessed my baby battling to survive forty days and nights on Life Support, then transferring to Rehab. where grueling therapy sessions began to walk again and regain all lost abilities, and finally 'Coming Home,' where I was completely focused on being the best mom for Maurice with his ever changing special needs, my inquisitive toddler, and my sweet infant girl.....To say the least, I was physically and mentally drained. From sunrise to sunset, I was so busy taking care of Maurice and my other two little ones. Money was also very scarce... I would constantly worry about how I was going to provide for my little ones. Saying we were struggling to make ends meet was definitely an understatement. At night, I would collapse into bed, praying the morning would bring a brighter day. The only thing keeping me going was the love for my children and my deepening spiritual relationship with God. I knew He was with us and could see all of our heartache and struggles.
      In the first few chapters of my soon to be released book, I tell how one night while Maurice lie in the Intensive Care Unit on Life, my dad, and Maurice's kindergarten teacher drove to see a faith healer, named Alan Ames, who was in town. I had never done or experienced anything like that before...and at the time wasn't even sure if I believed in faith healers....but was willing and desperate to save Maurice's life! We had an amazing experience that night and I vowed to go back every year to see the faith healer when he came to town. Since Maurice wasn't able to physically go the first year, I was greatly anticipating our next return the following year.....which is where my Present Day Miracle would take place.
      A few weeks before the healing service, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I had been trying my best to deal with everything and be brave in front of my children, but inside I was utterly terrified. I would stand at the kitchen window, which overlooked a tree in the backyard. Tears would stream down my face, as I watched a tiny bird hopping from one tree limb to another. As crazy as it might sound, I hoped this was a sign...possibly a message from God letting me know everything was going to be alright. I started praying, "Please, God. I don't know if I'm supposed to ask for such a thing, but if possible, can you please show me some kind of sign when we go see Mr. Ames? Just something to let me know you see what we're going through and everything with Maurice will be okay." I repeated this same prayer everyday in the weeks leading up to the healing service.
     The day of the service, I got Maurice dressed in his best clothes. He had been having a few seizures that morning, and my other little ones were coming down with a cold. When we were leaving the house, Maurice soiled his new jeans. I couldn't help but think something was trying to keep us from going, as I changed him into a different outfit. This only made me more determined though....
     We were just a few blocks away from the church. We were following a line of cars, I just knew were going to our same destination. This was a different church than we had seen Mr. Ames at the first time. As we turned into the parking lot, I was amazed at how big it was. It was a beautiful Catholic church named Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto.
     We pulled into a parking spot and unloaded the trunk. We put Maurice into his wheelchair and situated the girls inside their double stroller. There must have been hundreds of people there, and just being amongst them felt very tranquil.
     After Mass had ended, Mr. Ames came out and started speaking. We found a seat and listened to him reveal the innermost details of his own personal transformation. It was like I was glued to my seat and my ears fixated upon his every word as he continued speaking about the many documented healings, which had taken place at these services.
     His testimony was now coming to an end, and the healing service was ready to begin. I felt shivers going through my body as we lined up. I could see Mr. Ames laying his hands upon each person, and tears engulfed my face.
    Please, God, will you show me a sign that you see what's going on with Maurice? I prayed.
    I pushed Maurice up to the front and stood behind him. We were kind of in the middle, so it would take Mr. Ames a few minutes longer before getting to us. I glanced over at my dad, and we smiled at each other.
    When Mr. Ames got to us, I looked up at him; my face bright red from crying and whispered, "Please help us." He seemed to see right through to my heart and started praying over each one of us. I couldn't help but think about the sign from God I had been praying for. Please God, please show me a sign, I repeated in my mind.
     Mr. Ames had just finished praying over my dad, who was last in our row, and was starting to move toward the next family. We were getting ready to walk away when suddenly... Mr. Ames stopped. He quickly turned around, making his way back over to me. "I need to tell you that God does see you and sees what you're going through. Everything will be alright. I felt this was laid on my heart just now, and I had to tell you."
    He touched my and Maurice's forehead one last time, before moving on to the next family. Tears ran down my face...I couldn't believe He had answered my prayers in that way!!
   On the ride home, I told my dad all about what I had prayed in the previous weeks and he was amazed! I vowed to always share this story with people to let them know God is definitely real and sees everything we are going through. Things were really hard, but I would continue taking refuge in God.
   We now go back to see Mr. Ames each year. His website is ---- Now you see why I will never doubt Present Day Miracles. Thank you for letting me share this special story with you. I will end this blog post with Jeremiah 29:12-13: "Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."


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